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Aruba Legal is a full service law and consulting firm, with a main focus on the areas of corporate law, contract law, insurance law, real estate law, labour law, bankruptcy law, trademark law, family law, immigration law, tax law and administrative law, as well as business and management consulting activities, such as guidance with incorporation and management of companies, assistance with the procedures related to request of required permits and mergers and acquisitions of businesses and real estate and guidance and assistance with starting up a business and tax matters. 

Practice shows that a solid (legal) foundation of every business or venture will reward itself eventually. Therefore, from assisting in starting a business and founding a corporation, advising on the application of local or International legislation, negotiating and concluding agreements, to conducting legal proceedings, we assist our clients every step of the way and function both as sparring partner and ‘active lawyer’. 

Conducting legal proceedings can turn out to be time-consuming and costly in practice. We always endeavor to operate in a results-oriented way and at reasonable cost. This entails that the chances of success are evaluated in advance as thoroughly as possible, and the most appropriate form of litigating is recommended, and this in continuous consultation with the client.


Compliance notification:

ArubaLegal is subject to the statutory customer due diligence requirements (CDD) of the State Ordinance for the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (AB 2011, no. 28). If applicable we are required by law to: (i) identify the client and verify the client’s identity using reliable, independent source documents, data or information, (ii) identify the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) and take reasonable measures to verify the identity of the UBO such that we are satisfied that we know who the UBO is, (iii) identify third parties on whose behalf the client is acting, (iv) determine the purpose and intended nature of the business relationship and (v) keep the foregoing information up to date and monitor the business relationship and transactions undertaken throughout the course of the relationship to determine whether they are consistent with our knowledge of the client and the UBO.


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